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Traveling  with Pets by Air, Train, Bus
There are specific legal guidelines and restrictions for
pet air travel.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA)
governs air travel for pets. The airlines themselves
also have varying regulations. Contact your airline
well in advance for their rules,  particular procedures
and requirements.  
Small pets, in airline approved carriers, can often be  taken right on board the plane
with you, while larger animals must stay in approved crates in  the cargo area.
Rules vary from airline to airline. The number of pets allowed both in the cabin area
and cargo is make your reservations well in advance. Some airlines will not
take pets at all and some will allow pets only in the cabin. There are also rules about
when pets are allowed in cargo depending upon the season (the cargo hold is too
cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.)

Check your destination's requirements for bringing pets if you are going to another
country. Make sure that there is not a quarantine required. Preparations for
international travel (vaccinations, microchipping, obtaining health certificates from the
required agencies) can take up to six months.

For more information and tips on air travel with your pet read:
The Jet Set Pet ™. Airline Pet Regulations
International Travel for the Jet Set Pet™

The Department of Transportation (DOT) provides a monthly Air Travel Consumer
Report that contains specific statistics on animal mishaps aboard domestic carriers.

For an alphabetical listing of all major domestic and international airlines and their
regulations see:
Airline Pet Regulations

Travel By Train or Bus

Except for Assistance Dogs, which are not considered pets, no national commercial
carriers (Amtrak, VIA Rail, Greyhound) in North America allow pets as passengers.  

Dogs of all sizes are allowed on some regional trains and buses in the U.S. and  
Canada - including the subway and buses  in Boston, Seattle, San Francisco and
Toronto.  In addition, well-behaved, leashed dogs are allowed on the Metro North
Trains serving New York City and points in the northern New York Suburbs, points up
to the Catskill area and New Haven, Connecticut.

Dog-Friendly Public Transportation In the United States and Canada.
(Light Rail, Trains, Buses, Ferries)

Leashed dogs of all sizes are allowed on short and long distance  trains in England.
France, Germany and most other  European countries.
The ASPCA urges pet
owners to think twice
about flying their pets
on commercial airlines,
especially if they plan
on checking them in as

Unless your animal is
small enough to fit
under your seat and
you can bring him or her
in the cabin, the ASPCA
recommends pet
owners to not fly their

If pet owners have
already committed to
transporting their pets
on commercial airlines,
read the
ASPCA top ten
tips for for safe travel
with your pet.
Certain short-nosed
dogs such as pugs and
Pekingese, cannot
breathe well in airplane
cargo areas. Avoid flying
with these particular