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Puppy mills are mass dog-breeding operations, where animals are kept in shockingly
inhumane conditions.  They continue to be a problem because unsuspecting consumers
keep buying those adorable puppies in the pet store window. or on some slick internet
site or  through an ad in the  local newspaper.

Help stop puppy mills. DO NOT buy from a pet store, no matter how cute and adorable
that puppy is. For every pup purchase another one takes its place, thus keeping the
puppy mill operation in business.

Responsible breeders
DO NOT sell to pet stores. They interview all prospective owners
of their adoptable pets. They try to make sure that the dog and new owner are a good
fit, and they will refuse to sell if they are not satisfied.

shelters and rescue clubs require the prospective new owner to qualify before
they will release an animal to a new home.

Pet stores don't care to whom they sell, nor will they give out information on where the
pups come from. Pet store guarantees are worthless, At best they will replace the
animal and have the one being returned  euthanized   or will resell it.

Stop the puppy mill horror. Read the truth about puppy mills.
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