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Picture Gallery 1
Ella Lowe
Tig Lowe
Tig is very independent,
everything is on her time.  
She will  stick her nose in
your face at 3:00am for a
scratch behind the ears.
Ella loves to cuddle,  but what
she really wants is to get
under the covers.  She also
likes  sitting on her perch and
watch  the world go by.
Squirrels, chipmunks, dogs can come visit the backyard, but
any  other cat  - Look out! you are not wanted here.  
These owners are spoken for.   - Ted and Helen Lowe
The Lowe Family
The Jones pets
Close up of Tucker
Tucker our 18 month old pug-peke mix is the king of his backyard. Tucker enjoys
playing ball or just soaking up the sun.
Jack is a  9 year old seal point who enjoys cuddling to stay warm.
Tornado is our Tabby who likes to curl up in his bed and watch the world go by.  -  
Sharon, John and Tina Jones
The Jones Pets
Our page dedicated to beloved pets who have
gone on to the Rainbow Bridge
Best Friends Rudy and Dusty
Our Furry Family Members

Our two lovely dogs are Dusty, a 2
year old Shih Tzu, adopted from the  
Humane Society, and 15 month old
Rudy, a Schnauzer mix. We got him
from a lady who just had too many
dogs and couldn't keep him.
Dusty is white with beige patches.
And Rudy is beige.   These darling
dogs are now the proud owners of  
Garnet, Sue and Randi.
Best Friends Rudy and Dusty
The Dubois Clan
Labrador Lucy
This is Lucy, the sweetest little Labrador pup
there ever was.  She's great with Jodie and Ben
(4 and 6 years old) and they just love her.  She
loves to play tumble with them in the backyard.
Susan and Joe Nesbitt, Kentucky
Casey in the Snow
Silly Shayla
I love to play ball, go for
runs in the dog park  and
play in the snow.
Hi! My name is Casey. I am a very happy and
lucky female Border Collie, adopted by a great
family when I was just a puppy.  My extended
family consists of my human Mom and Dad,  my
human sisters Samantha, Michaela and Morgan,
and  their brother Mitchell.
We also have a couple of guinea pigs, named
Tribbles and Whitey and a silly cat called
Shayla.....that's her below. She doesn't do much.
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Cindy is our4 year old tabby.  She is
not fond of other cats, and HATES
dogs. She spends most of her day
sitting in the window "chattering" at
the birds.She is an indoor cat, so has
never tried to catch one.   
Betty,  Ed  and Eliza Murray
(Freelance Fluffalove's
Me Too)
Baizana's Sir Winston)