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Pet Treats
TLC Whole Life Dog Biscuits

All Natural Lamb & Rice Dog Biscuit with
Glucosamine & Chondroitin. No by-products
or chemical preservatives, fortified with
vitamins and minerals . Dogs just love the
meaty taste of the fresh lamb.
Dog Treats
Newman's Own Dog Treats Chicken Medium 6-Pack
These organic treats are made with nothing
but natural, wholesome ingredients like
chicken, barley flour, carrots, apples, and
flax seed. In 4 delicious flavors - chicken,
cheese, peanut butter, & vegetable.
You'll be tempted to try one, but these
beautifully decorated cookies are made just
for dogs!
Pawsitively Gourmet Assorted Cookies
You dog will love these tiny bone shaped
treats! Three unique flavors that are wheat
and corn-free.
Liver Chiplets deliver the robust taste of
human-grade liver in a tasty cracker
design. Even the most finicky of dogs will
do flips for Chiplets!
Liver Chiplets Dog Treats Original 6 oz.
Sojos Treats Apple Dumpling
Grizzly NuTreats - Case of 6
Dogs love the delicious taste of these
crunchy, all-natural, smoked wild salmon
treats. Grain-free and exceptionally
Now Greenies are available for cats too!  
Help reduce plaque and tartar buildup that
can lead to dental problems.
Feline Greenies Ocean Flavor
Natural treats made from 100% chicken
or beef liver with added herbs for extra
benefits. Happy Hips formula for joint
health, and VitaKitty with vitamins &
flaxseed. High in protein, low in fat and
easy to digest.
Catswell VitaKitty Beef 4 oz. - 10 Pack
Pill Pockets are healthy treats with a
patented pocket to safely conceal pills and
capsules. Made from natural ingredients,
conceals medicinal odors, and makes
medicating a breeze
Pill Pockets Cat Treats Chicken Flavor
All-natural fish treat made from dried
Bonito filets. No additives, preservatives or
Kitty Kaviar Fish Treats
Oven baked and all-natural smoked wil
salmon treats for cats. Grain-free with no
grains, starch or sugars added.
Grizzly NuTreats for Cats 3 oz.
All natural organic cat treats available in
Chicken, Cheese and Seafood flavors. No
corn, wheat or by-products in these tasty
Organix Cat Treats - Organic Chicken
All natural and healthy treats for pets available in chews, biscuits, bones, crunchy and moist.
A delightful treat for the senior dog in your
life. These are made of a softer beef hide
chew that is more suitable for older dogs.
Merrick Grandpaws Beef Hide Chews
Dogs love this natural treat which is made
from a beef Achilles tendon. All natural,
with no preservatives, additives or artificial
colors and made from U.S.D.A sourced
Merrick Wishbones 25 Pack
Merrick's Puppy Nibbles are a wonderful
treat for the new love in your life. These
treats provide a softer chew and a smaller
size that make them more suited for
Merrick Puppy Nibbles
These natural bones will provide days of
enjoyment while supplying additional
protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, as
well as glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen,
and calcium for healthier joints.
Nature's Variety Dry Roasted 9.5 oz. Ham Bone
Wholesome treats made with a special
process to maintain flavor, aroma and
nutritional integrity. Available in eight
scrumptious flavors.
Whole Life Pet Treats Lamb & Rice 21 oz.
Natural treats made from 100%
freeze-dried beef, chicken, or lamb liver.
Packed with protein, vitamins and minerals.
NW Naturals 100% Chicken Liver Treats 2 oz.
Cat treats designed as a nutritious part of a
healthy varied diet. natural ingredients and
the right spices to make it taste delicious.
Wysong Cat Treats
Yes, cats suffer from achy hips and joints
too! Especially older cats. Hip Action
increases agility and decreases
pain...naturally. And in a tasty treat your
cat will love!
Zukes Hip Action for Cats
Cat Treats

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