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Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy
  • Versatile toy provides a place for cats to
    both scratch and play
  • Engages cats in healthy exercise and
    mental stimulation
  • Cats chase the ball that spins around
    the track
  • Corrugated cardboard scratching
    surface; catnip included
  • Measures approximately 15 by 15 by 3
"Thrill of the Chase" Cat Toy
The Race N Chase cat toy will keep your cat occupied for hours.
  • Mouse "races" around track
  • Mouse squeaks for extra enjoyment
  • Colorful, soft mouse character
    attracts cat's curiosity.
  • Spins easily with just one swipe of
    the paw. Top and side openings
    provide easy access to the colorful
    cloth character.
  • Provides hours of playful fun for cats
    and kittens
20 x Cat Toy Realistic Fur Mice
Fun Run Tunnel for Cats
Designed to provide indoor pets with a safe environment to run
and play outside. Combine two for greater length
  • Constructed of
    strong, nylon mesh
  • Sprung-steel
    frame sets up and
    collapses in
  • No assembly
Sand pockets and stakes secure the
feline fun run to the ground
Playtime provides an opportunity for you and your pet to spend some fun time together.  A good toy can enhance that
experience. Pets that spend a considerable time alone (especially dogs) need something to keep them occupied. By providing
them with quality toys that stimulate their natural curiosity they will be much less likely to get into mischief or trouble.
Pet Toys
  • Realistic Colors
  • Hours of Fun and Exercise
  • Healthy Outlet for Cat's hunting
  • Mice have felt noses and eyes
  • Real fur
Your cat won't be able to resist these feline favorites. These
authentic-looking mice provide hours of fun and exercise, and
are a healthy outlet for a cat's natural hunting instinct.
SmartCat 3833 Peek-a-Prize Pet Toy Box
The SmartCat Peek-a-Prize Toy Box helps encourage your cat’s
natural predatory habits by partially hiding some of her favorite
toys. Your pet will have a great time fishing them out
  • Heavy-duty wood toy box to hide
    toys inside
  • Keeps curious cats mentally and
    physically sharp
  • Works with almost any
    appropriately sized toy or catnip
  • Encourages cats? natural
    predatory behavior
  • Rotate toys for extra fun
A finalist in the 2009 Chicago Innovation Awards, the FroliCat
BOLT Interactive Laser Toy can entertain you and your cat for
hours. Hold it in your hand or place it on a flat surface.
FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Pet Toy
Entertain you and your cat with
automatically generated red laser patterns
Use it in automatic or manual mode
Auto shutdown after 15 minutes
Hold in hand or place on flat surface
Requires 4 AA batteries (sold separately)
Kyjen Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Toy for Dogs
Prevent your dog from becoming bored with the Kyjen Hide-A-
Squirrel. It helps develop your pet’s intelligence and puzzle-
solving skills too.
  • Fun plush pet toy keeps you dog
    occupied for hours
  • 3 squeaker squirrels hidden inside
    plush tree trunk
  • Great fun for all ages and breeds
  • No assembly required
  • Durable enough to withstand tough
Kyjen Plush Puppies Dog Squeaker Mat Toy
Squeaker mats are innovative toys that have 16 squeakers in
each mat. Playing with squeaker mat toys will keep your dog
entertained for hours by squeaking almost anywhere they touch it.
  • Has 16 squeakers
  • Keeps dogs occupied
  • Hours of fun
Premier Twist and Treat Dog Toy
2-piece adjustable rubber pet toy that dispenses treats. Fill the
Busy Buddy Twist ‘N Treat with your dog’s favorite treat, and watch
as she enjoys playing with the toy to get at the treat.
  • First 2-piece adjustable rubber toy
    that dispenses treats
  • Made of natural rubber
  • Ideal for dogs under 20 pounds
  • Adjust the rate of treat dispersal to
    suit your pet
  • Treats sold separately
KONG Wubba Friend Dog Toy, Assorted
KONG Wubba Friends have Wubbas classic squeak ball and
floppy tails that dogs love, and also feature cute animal heads
and plush, fake-fur fabric.
  • Perfect tug and toss toy
  • Reinforced fabric and stitching
  • Features  squeak ball and floppy tails
  • Dogs love to squeak the Wubba and
    shake the flapping tails back and forth
  • Approximately 20-inches long; for pets
    30-pounds and larger
The newest member of the Squeaky Squigglers family, the Sea
Monsters have flapping tentacles and squeaky heads, along with
an inner layer of nylon for durability.
  • 7 Squeakers
  • Reinforced Woven Nylon
  • 10 Long , Flapping Legs
  • Bright Colors
  • Long-Lasting
Kyjen Puzzle Plush Egg Babies Dog Toy, 5 Eggs
Your dog will have a blast with the Kyjen Egg Babies. Insert 3
squeaking eggs inside the opening. When your dog hears the
squeaking, he’ll have a good time exploring the Egg Baby and
discovering the removable eggs inside
  • Long-lasting toy for dogs that love
    to seek and destroy
  • Fun plush toy with elastic opening on
  • Includes 5 removable squeaking
  • Keeps pet entertained and occupied
  • Measures 9 x 9 x 10 inches