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Timberwolf Organics is not involved in the recent pet food recalls. We do not use any
ingredients sourced from China. Timberwolf Organics pet food is manufactured in the USA
Timberwolf Black Forest 4 lbs.
Timberwolf Black Forest 33 lbs.
Timberwolf Black Forest 16 lbs.
Timberwolf Lamb & Apples 33 lbs.
Timberwolf Dakota Bison
Complete food for dogs. This bison meat
formula may also be used for  feeding of
animals that require a lesser amount of
protein. Ideal for weight management.
Timberwolf Ocean Blue 16 lbs.
Black Forest™ Canid Formula
For dogs that require a low protein or low fat
diet . Black Forest Canid Formula™  contains
venison &  meets the requirements of all life
Timberwolf Wilderness Elk 4 lbs.
Ocean Blue™ Canid Formula
Grain Free. Contains White Fish Meal,
Salmon, Salmon Oil & Dried Kelp. For  dogs
that require a moderate protein diet and in
management of canine obesity
Nutrient Dense Lamb, Barley and Apples™
High level of lamb based protein, contains no
poultry, beef or by - products.  Designed to
satisfy  nutritional requirements of stressed,
growing, convalescing or older canines.
Timberwolf Wild & Natural 4 lbs.
Timberwolf Wild & Natural 33 lbs.
Timberwolf Southwest Chicken Herbs 33 lbs.
Serengeti Herbal Felid Diet™
Serengeti Herbal Felid Diet is a unique diet for cats. Simulates natural diet of a wild cat but
in a dry form. A special carnivore specific diet. Contains high levels of amino acids and a
proper balance of omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. Serengeti is a meat based formula
that has over 8 lbs of chicken and fish meal for every 16.5 lbs of food. High levels of amino
acids provide the building blocks necessary for thick vibrant fur, a strong immune system
and excellent muscle tone. Contains high levels of highly digestible ingredients and
concentrated sources of nutrients essential for growth. Serengeti is Grain Free.
Wild & Natural Dry™ Canid Formula
A special low ash, low fiber, high performance
diet. Contains high levels of very digestible
ingredients and concentrated sources of
nutrients essential for growth.
Wilderness Elk Dry™ Canid Formula
For dogs who need a more limited amount
of protein. Contains Fresh Elk &  Salmon
Meal. Fully balanced with  high levels of
omega 3 essential fatty acids,  including EPA
and DHA. Can also be used as a B.A.R.F.
mixer for pet owners who want to add their
own sources of protein.
Timberwolf Southwest Chicken Herbs 4 lbs.
Southwest Chicken and Herbs™
Highly nutritious diet  for long-term maintenance
of dogs who have reached maturity and  for
growing puppies. Optimum canine nutrition.  10 lbs
of chicken and fish meal for every 20 lbs of dog
food. Includes eight protein sources.
Timberwolf Wilderness Elk 33 lbs.
Timberwolf Dakota Bison 16 lbs.
Timberwolf Lamb & Apples 16 lbs.
Timberwolf Serengeti Herbal 16 lbs.
Timberwolf Wild & Natural 16 lbs.
Timberwolf Dakota Bison 4 lbs.
Timberwolf Ocean Blue 33 lbs.
Timberwolf Wilderness Elk 16 lbs.
Timberwolf Lamb & Apples 4 lbs.
Timberwolf Dakota Bison 33 lbs.
Timberwolf Southwest Chicken Herbs 16 lbs.
Timberwolf Ocean Blue 4 lbs.
Timberwolf strives to create dry food diets that closely resemble the diet of wolves in
the wild (your dogs' ancestors). We believe in using high levels of animal meat, high
levels of kelp and other seaweeds, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, herbs, seeds
and nuts, taurine, sulfur, probiotics, high levels of essential fatty acids, and in
general only the highest quality ingredients.
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