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Genera'ls premium grooming tables have been reliable old favorites with countless
groomers, breeders, kennels, veterinarians and show people for many years
  • Sturdy, rugged, & built to last for years.
  • Constructed of 3/4" plywood covered with easy-to-
    clean, ribbed, non-slip vinyl matting
  • Bounded on the sides with 1" black vinyl molding to
    protect the sides of the table. No particle board.
  • Complete with tubular bright chrome plated sturdy,
    tubular folding legs for stability, lock into place.
General Cage Grooming Table with Arm
The top is constructed of sturdy, long-lasting 3' plywood
General Cage Portable Grooming Table
Wahl Basic Pet Clipper Kit
Basic kit is great for clean-up between regular grooming trip
Learn the proper cat grooming techniques
  • A cat  grooming classic
  • Contains 152 pages
  • 201 illustrations
  • A full color section of cat breed
  • Formatted for ease of use when
    grooming cats.

  • Author: Sam Kohl
  • Doubles as a dolly when legs are folded
  • Fitted with heavy-duty 4 in. casters.
  • Sturdy 3/4 in. solid plywood
  • Covered w/easy-to-clean, ribbed, non-
    slip vinyl matting.
  • Chrome-plated sturdy tubular legs
  • End caps for stability
  • 35 lbs.
Wahl Professional Deluxe Pet Clipper Kit
Andis Super 2- Speed Professional Clipper
  • 7,200 Strokes per minute
  • Specially designed shunt motor for
    increased power
  • Ideal for quiet medium-duty clipping and
  • Comfort grip for versatile angles and
    easy use
  • Adjustable blade set from #30-#15-#10
Powerful rotary motor clipper provides full clipping power for all
types of coats
  • Clipper with adjustable taper control  
  • Specially designed electro magnetic motor
  • Increased power and cutting action
  • Stainless steel scissors
  • Blade guard,  Ceaning brush, Clipper oil
  • Guide combs: 1/8", 3/8", 1/4", 1/2"
  • Storage pouch Instruction guide
  • Step-by-step instruction video
  • Quiet operating clippers are perfect for
    noise-sensitive animals.
This professional 2-speed clipper is designed for super fast
cutting with plenty of power for any type clipping.
  • Two different speeds: Normal- 3300 RPM
    and High- 4000 RPM.
  • Specially designed permanent magnet rotary
    motor stays cool and quiet, no need for
    noisy air vents or fans.
  • Detachable blades for ease of changing and
  • Can use both Andis AG blades and Oster A5
  • Equipped with size 10 detachable blade set.
Bamboo  Dog Nail Clipper with Styptic and File
Small Dog Guillotine Nail Trimmer with Styptic  & File
The styptic and file store in the clipper handle for easy access
  • 3-in-1 grooming tool
  • Heavy-duty 3.4mm stainless steel blades that
    cut through a dog's nails effortlessly.  
  • The styptic and file store in the clipper handle
  • iFnger release lock to ensure product safety.  
  • Cushioned, non-slip handle
  • Unique applicator cap on styptic dispenser is
    specifically shaped to pack styptic into a
    quicked nail.  
  • A nail file  to remove burrs from cut nails.
  • Designed for medium to large dogs
  • 3-in-1 pedicure set
  • Professional stainless-steel blade performs
    precise cuts
  • Integrated styptic dispenser and nail file
    that stores in handle
  • Cushioned, non-slip grip;
  • Nnail care guide included
  • Measures 5-1/2 inches long
  • Designed specifically for small dogs
Rinse Ace Pet Shower Hose
  • Easy 'one-time-install' valve.
  • Quick connect and disconnect.
  • 8 foot hose locks and stays in place  
    Professional groomer sprayer with
    easy-to-hold fit.
  • Complete water shut off to
    showerhead when hose is engaged.
Love 2 Pet 2-in-1 Grooming Tool De-shedder & Rake
De-shedder and rake for dogs & cats
  • Rake brush gently removes
    undercoat and stray hair
  • Helps reduce hair balls in cats
  • Quality construction with
    stainless steel heads
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Innovative grooming tool for long- and short-
    haired dogs and cats
  • 4-inch stainless-steel edge quickly and easily
    removes loose undercoat hair
  • Decreases shedding up to 90 percent for
    about 4 to 6 weeks
  • Leaves a shiny and healthy topcoat
  • Comfortable
  • Ergonomic grip handle
  • Measures 6 by 1 by 4-1/8 inches
FURminator with 4-Inch Edge
Designed to reduce shedding better than any brush, comb, or
rake, this innovative tool works effectively for all shedding breeds
of dogs and cats, both long- and short-haired.
Cat Grooming Guide
The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide
3rd Edition of the dog grooming industry "bible"
  • Fully illustrated instructions
  • Easy to follow numbered steps
  • Complete grooming of the 161 breeds
    recognized by the American Kennel Club.
  • 416 pages,
  • 320 illustrations
  • 41 photos

  • Author: Sam Kohl
Pet Care - Grooming Products
Cat Claw Scissors
Champagne Folding Ringside Table 18 in x 23 in x 30 1/2 in
  • Designed for groomers and handlers on-the-go!
  • Lghtweight (12-15 lbs)
  • Durable
  • Polished aluminum edging
  • Top has a solid rubber surface with omni-directional
    texture for easy cleaning and stability for your dog.
  • Rubber will not crack, fade or shrink
  • Handle for ease in transport
Oster SuperSteel Professional Pet Grooming Shear
  • Light weight
  • Ergonomically designed swivel thumb
    maximizes comfort, helps to relieve wrist
    strains that cause carpel tunnel, creates
    unbelievable control
  • Offset, ergonomic, short-shank handles,
    adjustable tension & removable finger rest
  • Premium quality convex edge blade assures
    smoothness, performance
  • Professional grade hardware and
    cryogenically tempered steel that is forged
    from high quality 440C stainless steels
    (Rockwell Hardness 58-60)
Silently circulates air to remove odors on your pet
  • Auto shut-off after 5 minutes
  • Easy-to-clean, removable brush plate
  • One (1) push-button ON/OFF switch
  • Hanging slot for easy storage
  • Flashing  On indicator LED
  • Operates on one 9-Volt battery  
  • One-year warranty
Lentek Koolatron Ionic Waterless Pet Bath Ultra Brush
ARC Laboratories Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder
  • Kwik Stop Styptic Powder can be used for
    external use on dogs and  cats
  • An aid to stop bleeding caused by clipping
    nails, docking tails and minor cuts
  • Most widely used styptic powder in the
A proper pet grooming schedule is important to your pet's overall health. Pets, like humans, are more likely to remain
healthy when they are clean and well groomed.
I you are not prepard to take your pet to the salon at least once a month, then you will need to invest in some good
grooming supplies and learn how to groom him/her
  • Quickly cut your cat's claws
  • The original cat claw scissors are hot
    forged from the finest quality US
    steel for reliable use and long life
  • The cutting edges have been heat
    treated to ensure the longest life of
    any instrument of this type
Pooch Apron/ Rubber Glove Dog Grooming Set
  • Set is super cute, and completely
    functional for any wet, messy, dirty
  • Easy-care, Wipes clean
  • Durable
  • Apron size fiits most - 23-Inch by 29-
    Inch with 23-Inch woven ties for full
    apron coverage
ZYMOX Otic is used in dogs and cats for the
treatment of acute and chronic inflammation
of the external ear caused by bacterial, viral
and yeast infections. Treat once a day for 7
days for acute infection and once a day for
14 days for chronic infection. Do not use in
conjunction with other topical ear
medications or cleaners.

  • Prevent Chronic Otitis
  • Prevent Viral Infections
  • Prevent Yeast Infections
Size: 8-Ounce
Zymox Otic Pet Ear Treatment with