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puppy and kitten
Diet is the most important
component of your pet’s health
care. The best diet for your dog
or cat is not dissimilar to the best
diet for you – a variety of whole
foods enhanced with vitamins
and minerals, enzymes and
supplements, when necessary, to
promote optimal health, prevent
disease or to address health
issues. The strength of your pet's
immune system, his resistance
to disease and her quality of life
all depend on the food that
he/she eats.

Most commercial pet food
products are derived from the
waste of our food industry. Many
contain ingredients such as 4-D
animal parts, which include the
dead, dying, diseased, and
disabled, along with cancerous
tissue and non-food items,
euthanized pets including the
euthanasia chemicals,
preservatives, mold, fungi, and
rancid fat.  (Read
What's Really in Pet Food?)

Variety is important in your
companion’s diet. A more
diverse diet will provide more
complete nutrition than a
“formulated” diet fed over and
over again. While the ideal diet
would be a rotation of fresh, raw
foods, most guardians do not
have the time and resources to
carefully formulate and make
their pet’s food. So if you can’t
meet the ideal, get as close as
you can with what you can afford.

At All About Dogs and Cats we
have chosen to represent
companies and products that
provide only wholesome, natural
food for your canine and feline
Your canine and/or feline
companions deserve the highest
quality pet vitamins and health
supplements available in the
marketplace. We have carefully
selected products that meet high
standards. Use them confidently
knowing you are providing your
special friends the very best.
Choosing Treats
Are your dog's treats
It's easy to take your dog’
s treats for granted and
assume that their treats
don’t do much harm,
especially when they only
get a small amount each
Are commercial dog treats
really safe, or are they
just a trick that pet treat
makers let us play on our
precious companions?
Check out this
list of
ingredients to avoid in
dog treats, and our tips
on choosing healthy
treats for your dog.
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