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Natural Flea Control Basics

Protection For the Animal

Diet is the foundation of health. Nothing you give your dog or cat can do as much
good for their health, immunity and resistance to parasites such as fleas as a proper diet.
For more information see What You Need to Know About Your Pet’s Food.

Supplements: Essential Fatty Acids will help build the immune system and boost the health
of the skin and coat. Digestive Enzymes will help him get the most nutrition from his food
and aid the digestive process. Garlic and B vitamins tend to make the animal less tasty to
fleas, so many guardians supplement with garlic & brewer's yeast (a good source of
vitamin B1), during flea season to help their companions ward off attacks. Keep in mind
that some animals are allergic to brewer's yeast, so watch closely the first week or so to
make sure the itching doesn’t get worse.

Combing:The ultimate weapon in the battle with fleas is the Flea Comb. Removing and
killing the adults (by drowning them in soapy water) can prevent a lot of future fleas being

For repelling fleas, we recommend Neem Oil products. Neem oil spray, shampoo, and
conditioner not only helps repel fleas, but also helps sooth and heal irritated skin.

Flea Powders:For killing fleas once they are on your pet, we recommend natural flea
powders. Only Natural Pet All-in-One Flea Remedy is a powder made from diatomaceous
earth that is safe for use on dogs and cats, as well as around the home.

Bathing: Bathing your companion is an excellent way to kill fleas. Use a neem oil shampoo
or an oatmeal shampoo if your companion has irritated skin and leave the lather on for 5–
10 minutes before rinsing well.

Treating the Home

Vacuuming and washing the hard floors often
– daily during the height of flea season – is
the least toxic way to control fleas. This will remove most of the adults, and some eggs
and larvae. Vacuum some an herbal flea powder into the vacuum bag to kill any fleas in the
bag, or remove the bag and discard it in a sealed plastic bag after use.

Carpets:Boric acid products work in a similar fashion to the diatomaceous earth by
dehydrating the fleas. When applied correctly, they offer protection for up to a year or
more as they remain deep in the carpet fibers. They may take up to 2 weeks or longer for
results to be noticeable, however.

Treating the Yard

Rake up any leaves and keep the grass cut. Watering can help drown the larvae as well. A
majority of the fleas and larvae will be within 50 feet of your companion’s favorite spot to
rest, so focus on those areas.

Beneficial Nematodes are another way to control fleas in the yard. Beneficial nematodes
are a flea parasite (mother nature always has a balancing mechanism). They are tiny little
bugs that prey on both adult fleas and larvae, which may be purchased at a local nursery
or greenhouse.
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