Essential Needs

Animals, just like people, require water in order to perform proper bodily functions. Water
regulates body temperature, dissolves and carries nutrients, eliminates wastes, and ranges from
50% up to 80% of the body's composition, depending on the type of animal. Example: Water is
70% of a dog's composition.

The importance of water cannot be overstated. Your pet should have free access to fresh water

A proper diet of quality food is essential for good health. Make sure your animal is fed the proper
amount on a daily basis. Outdoor dogs need more food during colder weather because keeping
warm depletes energy. Your dog's diet should be almost doubled if kept outside.

Living Conditions
A dry, clean, and sanitary living area is necessary for better health and the animals' own comfort.
Feces should be removed routinely to help eliminate the re-infestation of parasites and the
nuisance of flies.

If your canine pal is kept outdoors the chain should be at least three times his body length. To
prevent the tangling of chains, swivel hooks can be used. Foreign debris should be removed to
prevent possible injury.

Veterinary Care
Any animal showing signs of sickness or injury should be seen by a veterinarian. Immediate
intervention can prevent needless suffering. Routine vet examinations and inoculations can
ensure your animal a happier, healthier life.

Grooming is an essential part of total care. Flea infestation and fly bites can lead to serious
infections if left untreated. Matted fur can cause severe discomfort in walking or defecating.
Matted fur, ear mites, fleas, long toenails, etc. can be easily prevented by periodic grooming.

Personal Attention
Companion animals need a constant source of love and attention which they happily give in
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