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Boosting Feline Immune System Naturally and Easily
by Laura Ramirez

Feline immune system function, like that of humans, is the key to overall good health.  Just
as we do whatever is necessary to keep our immune systems working properly, so too
should we do what we can to ensure good immune function for our pets.  And now, with a
range of natural products specially designed to boost immune system function, that is
easier than ever.

The immune system is the body’s natural defense network.  A properly functioning immune
system allows your pet to fight off any number of bacteria, viruses and other invaders
which threaten to compromise their health.  Feline immune support is particularly important
for those cats that do not go outdoors on a regular basis and so do not have the
opportunity to avail themselves of plants which can provide natural healing.    

Domestic cats are also exposed to a variety of household toxins and can often suffer from a
limited diet when they are fed only packaged foods which often contain artificial colorings
and preservatives and lack in key nutritional elements.  For these pets, feline immune
system boosters are particularly helpful as they can fill in the gaps that everyday life leaves

Feline immune support takes on an even greater meaning at certain particular stages in a
cat’s development.  Kittens are particularly vulnerable just after they are weaned as they
are no longer protected by their mother’s immune system and their own is not fully
developed.  Pregnant mothers can become compromised as their immune system must
work for them and their litter.

Equally at risk are older cats whose immune systems are beginning to decline and cats that
are under extraordinary stress, which can tax the immune system greatly.  In all of these
cases, it is extremely important to ensure good feline immune system function and natural
supplements which contain immune boosters are the perfect solution.

While there are a variety of natural products available today, among the most effective at
providing boosting immunity are those which contain a careful blend of certain herbs and
other plant based ingredients.  By combining the best that nature has to offer, these
products can ensure that your cat is getting the optimum care.  Ingredients such as Milk
Thistle, Echinacea and Huang Qi can work in concert to help maintain your cat’s overall
health and
boost to feline immune system function.

Huang Qi works as a whole body tonic, improving appetite and promoting healthy
circulation while supporting feline immune system function.  Milk Thistle stimulates bile
production and repairs damage to the liver, while Echinacea focuses on the lymphatic
system, staving off various forms of cancer and also working to prevent feline immune
deficiency.   Nothing works as thoroughly to maintain good overall health as daily
supplements containing ingredients like these.

The immune system is the key to good health and long life, so why not do everything you
can to ensure that your cat’s immune system is functioning properly?   Use a comprehensive
daily supplement for improving and maintaining immune system health and you and your
cat will both reap the benefits, naturally.

Laura Ramirez is a passionate researcher of products that help restore health and vitality
to pets and people and keep their immune system strong for prevention. To learn more
about her findings, go to She is also the award-winning
author of the
parenting book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and
Parenting which teaches parents how to raise children to develop their strengths and lead
purposeful and fulfilling lives.
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