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Maltese to Otterhound
If you know of any reputable Breed Rescue Club which we have missed, please contact us with the website
information at: Please specify Breed Rescue in the subject line.
Dogs of all breeds are available for adoption from rescues.  The decision to adopt a "recycled"
dog can be a positive one if you choose the breed caregfully and make a commitment  to train
and socialize and love the new family member.

Do you want a large, medium, or small dog? Size does not necessarily designate the amount of
space required or the energy energy level of the dog.

Do you prefer long-haired breeds or short-haired ones? Short-coated dogs can shed just as
much if not more than longer coated dogs.

Make sure you have researched all the breed traits.­ each breed has good and bad traits, and
those are variable depending on the person!