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Before you contact a Breed Rescue group, make sure you have researched the breed thoroughly,
and are making a knowleadgeable decision that specific  breed of dog is  right for you and your

Review all the information available from
Breed Specific Clubs and Kennel Clubs (the American
Kennel Club, the   Canadian Kennel Club, the Westminster Kennel Club, the Kennel Club(UK), the
United Kennel Club USA  and Canada, the National Kennel Club,  the Australian National Kennel
Club and others)

If possible, visit a reputable breeder and ask questions. Be sure in your own mind and heart that
this is the right breed for you. Do not think that you can "try the breed out", and then dispose of
the pet if he doesn't suit you. Rescue pets have already undergone rejection (and in many cases
abuse)  Rescue clubs are very careful about who they allow to adopt their charges.
Breed Rescue Clubs, Groups and  Associations   
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If you know of any reputable Breed Rescue Club which we have missed, please contact us with the website
information at: Please specify Breed Rescue in the subject line.