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Cairn Terrier to Collie (Rough & Smooth)
If you know of any reputable Breed Rescue Club which we have missed, please contact us with the website
information at: Please specify Breed Rescue in the subject line.
Breed rescue people try to be very careful with their dogs, so their adoption requirements
are often strict. You have to fill out a lengthy questionnaire, submit to an interview, provide
references, and often allow a visit to your home, jast as as though you were trying to
adopt a human child.

Many of the animals were previously mistreated, so they cannot be too careful in screening
potential pet parents.
It's usually more expensive ($100 to $400) to adopt a dog from a rescue group than from an animal shelter or
humane society. This is because the rescue group has neutered the dog, treated health problems, started a flea and
heartworm preventative program, provided grooming, and invested time and effort in basic training. Rescue groups do
NOT make money, nor do any workers receive a salary - their adoptions fees don't even begin to cover their costs.