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The Benefits of Using Pet Steps for Exercise

by Erica Carter

You probably know that dog steps are used as great aids for dogs to get up onto
furniture, but did you know they are great for other things too? One such thing is to help
your dog with its exercise. To make the most out of this additional use, you will need
several dog steps within the household.

What kind of Steps should You Purchase?
Firstly, you can find durable steps made out of plastic that have come out on the market in
recent years. These will be great for outdoor use. You will need to buy two of these at
least, then you can set them up so that your dog can go up one set of steps and down the
other. This kind of exercise will burn off a lot of calories particularly in smaller dogs.

Other Interesting Uses for Dog Steps
Another fantastic way the steps can be used as a means of exercise is through setting
them up as part of a course for your dog. This way, if your not able give your dog walks
regularly because of disabilities, you can still get rid of a lot of your dog’s built up energy in
his own garden. It would be a good idea to vary this course from time to time so that your
dog doesn’t get bored of running the same thing too, and then in the evening you’ll have a
dog that settles down, satisfied for its day’s activities.

Getting a Dog Used to the Steps
Not all dogs take to these doggy steps straight away. However, it shouldn’t be a hard task
getting your dog used to this new item in its life. The best method to use is a treat system
where you lie the treats one by one up the steps consecutively. As your dog takes each
treat, give the hound praise and encouragement. It won’t be long before he is then flying
up and down the platform of steps without out any problem at all.

Buying the Right Size Dog Steps for Your Dog
You also want to buy the correct size steps to fit your dog’s size. If the steps are too
small, your dog will find it awkward to go up and down them and may even stop using
them altogether. The situation is similar for
big steps with small dogs: they will find it a real
struggle to climb steps which are taller than them. You will likely find the
best priced dog
steps online. The steps have become particularly more tempting lately now that the
novelty factor has died down and the prices have become more approachable. You will
probably be able to get free shipping too.

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