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The relationship between dogs and humans goes back thousands of years,
as a quick study of the
History of The Dog will show,  but it is only recently
that we have begun to understand how much our furry friends contribute to
our own health and well being.

Among companion animals, dogs are unmatched in their devotion, loyalty
and friendship. They reduce our stress levels and cheer us up when we're
feeling blue. Dogs also keep us healthy and
active by giving us an excuse to
get out for long walks.

Anyone who has ever loved a dog can attest to its hundred-fold return. A
Canine Behaviour tells us that dogs are very social beings.. The
excitement and affection your dog shows when you come home, the
wagging tail and eager barks at the sound of the leash being taken from its
hook, the delight in the tossing of a ball or frisbee, and the head nestled in
your lap at the end of the day - those are only some of the rewards of being
a dog owner.

If you have not yet chosen a dog, take the time to find out what
breed and
type of dog will be best-suited to you and your lifestyle.  You can find a
wealth of information at the various
Kennel Clubs, or Breed Specific Clubs.  
We have also provided some tips on our page  
Acquiring a New Dog.   
Remember, you are adding a family member who, when properly treated
and cared for, will provide you with years of enjoyment and unconditional

All About Dogs has been designed to provide you with the information you
need to choose and care for your furry friend.

Our pages on  
Health For Your Pet,  the Pet Health Articles, Diet and
Nutrition Articles, Pet Food Products, Pet Treats, Pet Health Supplements,  
Pet Safe Home Products  and Pet Insurance  are all designed to help you
provide your dog with the best health care possible.

When choosing your new family member, please consider giving a loving
home to one of the thousands of homeless, abandoned pets waiting for
someone in a shelter or
Pet Rescue.  If you have your heart set on a specific
breed, visit the appropriate Breed Rescue club. Whatever you do,  DO NOT
buy your pet from a pet store (Read
Stop Puppy Mills). Every puppy
purchased at a pet store helps keep the puppy mill operations in business.

Enjoyment of your four-legged friend is increased by providing him/her with
the best in healthy
Pet Food Products, Pet Treats, Pet Health Supplements,
Care and Grooming, and the necessary Pet Toys. You can indulge your pet
(or more likely yourself) by other
Pet Supplies like Pet Furniture, and Pet
Fashions and Clothing.

Dogs enjoy activity with their families. They want and need the stimulation
of interaction with their humans. Remember, dogs are social animals. They
need the company of other beings in order to develop to their full potential.
Man brought dogs into his family circle, and dogs have come to need the
company of man to survive.  Your furry friend needs and wants your
company and loving attention.
Dogs Love to Play
Spay/Neuter Your Pet
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