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Doggy Sporting Activities – Mutts Welcome - Agility & Flyball

If you have an active dog, you know how fanatic they can become in adopting a
certain game or sport. If they simply burn with energy, you can channel this into
recreational or competitive sports. The dog does not have to be a purebred to enter
some championship competitions. There are many different sporting events out
there. They appeal to all types of dogs. One of them may be just right for you and
your canine athlete.


All breeds of dog are eligible for agility. This sport is popular with participants –
human and dog, and crowd alike. The rules are simple. Your dog has to outrun the
time while maintaining a free from or low fault record. The winner has the least faults
and the fastest time.

As part of the agility course, your dog runs the track while wiggling through tunnels,
leaping cleanly over jumps and avoiding or weaving through obstacles. You run with
her or him, maintaining contact, encouraging your dog with signals and commands.
Both of you have to be in good physical shape. You have to be able to work together
as a unit, communicating and doing what needs to be done. Practice will help make

You and your pet must be adaptable. You will not know the course layout until the
day of the event. It is a given that sociability is a good characteristic for you and your
pet to possess. Agility work is a team effort. It is a great way for you and your pet to
burn off excess energy, meet new dogs and humans, learn a bunch of new stuff and
have fun.


Flyball is another sport open to all breeds. It is one of the most popular sports for
both spectators and participants. The crowds really enjoy watching the event. This is
for the ball crazy dog and owner. Like Agility, it is a team sport. The individual dogs
have their moment, but they are all part of a relay team. This is a team of humans
and dogs with the exact safe fetish – nailing down the ball.

The object of Flyball is for your dog to fly over and a series of hurdles to a box. One
touch of the spring device and a ball shoots into the air. Your dog must catch the ball
and race back to the starting point. The next dog can then repeat.

Flyball is truly an egalitarian sport. It does not discriminate based on breed or
height. In fact, small dogs are welcome. The height of the hurdles for each team
depends on the height of the smallest dog. This gives the team with the tiny pooch
an edge.

Flyball requires many of the same qualities of Agility. You and your dog need to work
as a single unit. At the same time, you both need to remember you are part of a
team. In addition, there is one more bonus – a loud and enthusiastic crowd. Your
dog must be able to enjoy the sounds of cheering and clapping. I am sure the both
of you can get used to it.

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