All About Dogs and Cats is an endeavor that started some time ago,
when I desired to express my gratitude for the love my husband
Paul and I have received from our  "fur-kids".

Our first rescue pet was Belle, a  Sheltie/Pom Mix who went to the
Rainbow Bridge July 3rd 2002. The sweetest gentlest gift from God
anyone could wish for, Belle suffered from a semi-crushed trachea,
her life was very sedentary and relaxed.

And then came Beau. Lost for months on the streets of Montreal, he
trusted no one and was afraid of every stranger. But time and
patience brought forth the true loving nature of this wonderful boy.
A rascal in many ways, his impish grin wins the heart of everyone
who sees him.

Brady joined our family next, when an elderly lady was forced to
give him up as she entered a nursing home. Here is a prince among
dogs - quiet and reserved (until he sees a squirrel in his backyard)
Brady is more independent then any of our other kids.  He is quite  
content to sit outside in the backyard where he can survey his
kingdom. Sadly, we lost Belle soon after Brady joined us, as she
succumbed to her physical ailments.

Next came Bubba. This sweet boy was tied to a chain outside and
left behind when his original owners moved. Affectionate and loving,
he showers us with kisses every day. The largest of our Poms, he is
our resident clown. At times he seems to galumph around the yard
and the house.  

Bitsy joined our family shortly thereafter. Although already a senior,
here was energy on four legs. Small enough to hold in your hands
and the oldest of all our pets, at times she was more than even the
other three could handle. Always first at the dinner table, first in line
and first in giving affection and love. ( Her kennel name was "Me
Too) It broke our hearts when she passed over in her sleep - gone
but never forgotten.

Our lives have been enriched, our souls touched and our hearts
overwhelmed by what our "kids" have given us - unreserved love,
unquestioning trust and unending joy and laughter. We have been
made younger and more fulfilled by what they have given us, with
nothing asked for in return except the occasional belly-rub, a good
meal and security they are ours forever. Although our human
children have now left the nest, our home remains full - full of
laughter, joy and the love of our "fur-kids".

Please rescue a dog (or cat) today!!
Astrid Forman

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Bubba The Graduate
Beau at the Gate
Astrid, Paul, Beau, Brady, Belle
About Us
Bubba with Daddy at Graduation
Mommy & Daddy with
Beau, Brady, and Belle
Bedtime for Beau, Bubba,  Brady
On June 9th, 2008 our beloved Beau went to join Bitsy and Belle at
the Rainbow Bridge. Words cannot express the sorrow and pain we
felt, and will always feel at his passing so early in life.
Beau was very special.  Although we had three "miracle years" with
him after his first stroke... his leaving left a very deep hole in our
hearts, and an empty space in our home.
We decided we could not adopt another pom, as we felt we would
constantly be comparing him/her to Beau.    

Thus Sir Winston, a purebred 7 month old Pekingese of impeccable
parentage  joined our family, and he is a darling.
Baizana's Sir Winston  "Gizmo"
Astrid and Paul with Brady, Gizmo, Bubba
Christmas 2008
Photo by Blue Sky Photography
On July 7th, 2010, our dear sweet Bubba left us to join Beau,
Bitsy and Belle. Although we are all devastated, none more
than little Gizmo. Bubba was his special pal. Seeing him mourn
makes it all the harder for us to accept yet another loss.
Addendum, January 21, 2011 - And then then were none.
Our darling, precious  Brady, the last of our four poms
succumbed to severe kidney failure just before midnight last
night (Jan20).
He was only diagnosed earlier in the day and was to go to
hospital for treatment in the morning. The shock of his
passing has left us numbed.
Gizmo, our peke "baby", is now an only child.